"We-Vibe Touch X Multi-Functional Sexy Vibrator" limited time GiveAway - Terms and Rules

We-Vibe Touch X multi-functional sex vibratorLimited time GiveAway - Terms and Rules


game time:2021Year 4Month 28Date2021 yearmoon30th

Game method:

(1)   TrackLexyofInstagram - @ lexy.care

(2)   CorrectRelated posts

(3)   Write down the corresponding message in the message area"Lexy"


Terms and rules

  1. Participants must be a Hong Kong residents aged 18 (the holder of the valid Hong Kong Special Administrative Region ID card).
  2. Each Lexy Instagram Giveaway has different promotion periods, and please refer to the related posts during the promotion period of individual activities.
  3. Customers trace Lexy Instagram during the promotion period, "We-Vibe Touch X multi-function vibrator" limited time giveaway posts and participate in the game through the message area. * Any date of repeating or incorrectly entering the information, that is, it will be a waste.
  4. The winner will be selected within 1 working day after the Giveaway event is ended, and the list of the winners in the relevant instagram post-related information / new post / InstagRAM limited time, and contacts in instagram.
  5. If the product is not in the game, the organizer has the right to replace the same value.
  6. The winners must show the name of the awards INSTAGRAM account and admitted to Hong Kong residents who have been 18 years old for proven, such as the Name of the INSTAGRAM account and the 18-year-old, Lexy and prizes suppliers have the right to cancel it. Won the qualification. The winner personally responded to Lexy to receive the prize in the specified time and agreed to the terms and rules of the prize, and unauthorized generation. The winners still have not yet received prizes as in the designated date, and will abandon their attention.
  7. If the winner has failed to contact us in the limited time to list.
  8. All prizes are not transferred, resale or exchange of cash. The winners must agree to abide by the terms and rules of the prize suppliers listed on the prizes. Lexy and prize suppliers are not responsible for all due to receipt or use of all prizes.
  9. The winners must understand and agree that the winners are not responsible for any reason that the prizes cannot be enjoyed or suffering from personal injury or property during the enjoys prizes.
  10. After the award, the winners must determine the winners understand and agree to the terms and rules of the prize check-in and accompany the winners to use the relevant prizes.
  11. If there is anything that cannot be ignored by computers, networks, telephones, technology or other cannot be ignored by LEXY, there is a loss, error, unrecognizable or identity or lexy. Damage, resulting in invalidation of information, Lexy does not have any legal responsibility, participants or winners do not have any objection.
  12. The data entered by participants will not be changed, all materials are recorded as instagram posts, any rebound, error, or incomplete information will be regarded as invalid. If the information fills in the activity is not true or incorrect, the winners can't receive the winning notice, the first prize, or prizes, Lexy is not responsible.
  13. The prize Lexy of this activity will only accept the delivery address of Shunfeng Express (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd. to Hong Kong. The winners must understand and agree that Lexy will collect a prize phone, name, and transport address for transport purposes (SF Express). If the winner does not provide a call, name and delivery address, the qualification will be canceled.
  14. If the delivery information provided by the winner, including but not limited to: the phone, name and transport address information are not true or incorrect, and the winners cannot receive prizes, Lexy is not responsible.
  15. If the prize of the winner is not responsible for any situation in the delivery process, Lexy is not responsible.
  16. If you need to query registration or winning information, participants or winners must act as a contact with the Instagram account name, otherwise it will not be accepted.
  17. If there is any dispute, Lexy retains the final decision.


Lexy requires the personal information provided by the participants in the event, only used by the use of participants and the acquisition, and will properly save and confidential to handle personal information collected. If the participant refuses to provide information, Lexy has the right to refuse to participate in participants is a second activity. The personal data collected will be destroyed 90 days after this event. If you get the participant agreed, your personal data will be used as future propaganda purposes.