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Recommended guide for online vibrator shopping in Hong Kong

"Is the egg-side version the most fun?"

"Is it better to choose the best price when buying a vibrating egg for the first time?"

Whether you are using vibrators for the first time and are looking for buying advice, or you are already a veteran player and want to add more fun to buying new vibrators online.

You've come to the right place! LEXY sells a variety of vibrating egg brands and styles, with suitable recommended vibrating egg models for beginners to experienced veterans.

It’s super easy to buy vibrating eggs online. You can buy them at any time while sitting at home, and they can be delivered in as fast as half a day! Let players be ready for fun fun at any time!

If you want to know how to buy vibrating eggs and frequently asked questions, just scroll to the bottom of the page!

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Frequently Asked Questions about Vibrating Eggs Online Shopping in Hong Kong FAQ

What is a vibrating egg?

Vibrating eggs are a classic entry-level female toy

Vibrating eggs, also known as Egg Vibrators, Vibrating Eggs, and Love Eggs, are vibrating female sex toys like vibrators and are used to put into the vagina for masturbation.

The most classic vibrating egg style is usually a small oval design. Due to its small size, it can be placed entirely into the vagina, and can also be used to stimulate the clitoris, nipples or glans. It is mainly used to increase sexual pleasure and fun play.

What styles of vibrating eggs are there?

No matter what type of vibrating egg it is, it can bring people endless fun and surprises!

Mainly divided into two categories: wireless models and wired models

As people have higher and higher requirements for vibrating eggs, major brands on the market have launched more novel styles.

Generally they are subdivided into the following categories:

  • Wired vibrator : A toy that often appeared on AV films in the past. The body is usually connected with wires to power the vibrator and remote control. It can stimulate multiple locations at the same time, such as the clitoris, vagina, nipples, etc.

  • Cordless Vibrator : Classic style, usually with a compact oval design. There will be a rope on the tail. When the vibrating egg is put into the body, the tail will be exposed. Pull the rope to pull the vibrating egg out without worrying about it falling in.

  • Wireless Remote Control Vibrator : This comes with a wireless remote control, allowing you to hand over control to your partner or yourself, further adding to the excitement and surprise. Remote-controlled vibrators can also be controlled by wireless remote control or APP. It’s no problem if you control it through the APP and have fun in different places, which is very suitable for users who are in long-distance relationships.

How to choose a vibrating egg for the first time?

Made of material

Vibrating eggs are usually made of silicone, ABS plastic/resin and other materials.

  • Vibrating eggs made of silicone have a softer texture. They are a safe alternative to traditional plastic and are more durable.

    The quality of silicone is also divided into different grades, ranging from general silicone, food grade silicone to the highest quality medical grade silicone. The higher the grade, the higher the price.

  • Vibrating eggs made of plastic material have a harder texture and smooth surface, but they are easier to age and damage than silicone, so the price of vibrating eggs is relatively low.

Make sure to choose good quality, safe materials to ensure comfort and hygiene.

size and shape

Vibrating eggs are available in a variety of sizes and shapes. Generally speaking, choosing a smaller, easier-to-hold size when first purchasing may be easier to use and maneuver.

Vibration pattern and intensity

Different vibrators come with various vibration modes and intensity settings. Some vibrators have multiple preset modes, while others can be customized. When purchasing for the first time, you can choose a vibrator with multiple mode and intensity options so you can adjust it to your personal preference.

Power supply and control methods

Vibrating eggs are usually powered by batteries or rechargeable batteries. You can choose the type of power supply that suits your needs and preferences. The control method can be buttons, remote controls or mobile applications. Make sure the controls you choose are easy to use and operate.

Waterproof performance

If you wish to use a vibrating egg in the bathroom or in the water, be sure to choose one with good waterproof properties. Water resistance is usually clearly stated in the product description.

Brand and user reviews

Choose reputable brands, which usually have warranty periods that offer higher quality and reliability.

In addition to the brand, you can also refer to the vibrating egg reviews and recommendations left by other LEXY users!

Popular well-known brands include:

Tutorial on how to use the vibrating egg for the first time

Read the instructions for use

Before use, carefully read the instructions or guides that come with the product. Different vibrating eggs may have different usage methods and precautions. Understanding these will help you get a better experience.

Cleaning and maintenance

Be sure to clean the vibrator carefully before and after each use. Wash with a mild toy cleaning solution and warm water, and rinse thoroughly.

Make sure to store the vibrating egg in a dry, clean place and avoid rubbing or bumping it against other objects. Please follow the product instructions for cleaning and maintenance.

Use lubricant

Using water-based lube provides a smoother and more comfortable experience.

If it is not used with lubricant and relies only on women's own secretions, it will cause a lot of friction and discomfort, and it may even be difficult to put it into the vagina.

Note: If the toy is made of silicone, avoid using silicone lubricants as they may damage the material of the vibrating egg.

Charging and battery replacement

If you are using a rechargeable vibrator, please make sure it is fully charged before use. If using a battery-operated vibrator, be sure to use fresh batteries and put them in with correct polarity.

Intensity and mode selection

Choose lower vibration intensity and softer modes at first to get used to and learn your comfort level. Gradually increase the intensity or try different modes to find the experience that works best for you.

Use of different parts

Vibrating eggs can be used on various parts of the body, but avoid direct strong stimulation of sensitive areas or wound locations. If you experience any discomfort or pain in certain areas, please stop use immediately.

Use time controls

The duration of continued vibrating egg use should be controlled based on personal comfort and feelings. Excessive or prolonged use may cause discomfort or allergic reactions.

privacy and environment

Limit vibrator use to private settings and avoid using it in public or in spaces shared with others. Respect the comfort and privacy of others.