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TENGA disposable airplane cup

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TENGA airplane cup | Spinner series

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TENGA Aircraft Cup | Training Series

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TENGA Aircraft Cup | Flip 0 (Zero) Series

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TENGA POCKET | Airplane bag series

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TENGA lubricant

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Frequently Asked Questions about Online Shopping of TENGA Aircraft Cup FAQ

TENGA airplane cup brand introduction

By bringing "sex" under the sun, TENGA aims to create a future where "everyone can enjoy sex freely" and dreams of bringing the pleasure of all mankind to an unprecedented peak!

TENGA is a well-known Japanese adult products brand that focuses on designing and manufacturing innovative, high-quality sexual pleasure cup products.

In order to subvert people's uneasiness about "sex", TENGA uses future sensory technology to set off a new revolution in the adult products industry!

TENGA's most famous product category is the men's airplane cup, also known as TENGA CUP. These TENGA airplane cups feature TENGA's unique design and materials to provide a realistic, comfortable and stimulating feel. TENGA CUP has a variety of different models and features. Popular TENGA cups include: Spinner , Flip Zero , Flip Orb , 3D , Crsytal , Geo , Moova , Tenga Egg series, etc. You can choose a suitable style according to your personal preferences and feelings.

TENGA's products are extremely popular around the world, not only for their innovation and high quality, but also for their focus on sexual health and satisfaction. TENGA continues to launch new products and technologies and is committed to providing people with a richer and more pleasurable sexual life experience.

Is it suitable for a novice to use the TENGA airplane cup for the first time?

TENGA products, including airplane cups, are designed to provide the pleasure and stimulation of male masturbation. For those new to sexual pleasure and self-exploration, TENGA can be an option.

TENGA products are designed to be unique and easy to use, and offer different sensation and stimulation options, allowing you to choose based on your personal preferences and needs.

White: Soft stimulation Red: Standard stimulation Black: Hard stimulation

TENGA airplane cups have many ways to play. They can usually be used alone, or can be operated with additional TENGA accessories if necessary.

Shopping for TENGA online at reasonable prices and suitable for novices:

  • Entry-level style: about $20 to $300 HKD.
  • Intermediate style: about $301 to $800 HKD.
  • High-end style or special function style: about $800 to $3000 Hong Kong dollars.

Everyone’s preferences and comfort levels are different. For those who are trying TENGA CUP for the first time, it is important to keep an open and comfortable mind and explore at your own pace.

If you are interested in purchasing TENGA airplane cups online, you can choose a basic style or entry-level airplane cup at LEXY HK and try it out in a private environment.

At the same time, please make sure to choose a product that suits your size and material, such as the TENGA US vacuum cup, which is an enlarged version, and follow the product's usage guidelines.

If you have any questions about purchasing TENGA online, please feel free to contact LEXY HK customer service.