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JIMMYJANE Pure silicoon moon mug set

Pure silicoon moon mug set

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  • Europe imports.

  • Adopt 100% FDA certified silicone is made, suitable for human body, safe and secure

  • Two different capacities andSpecific cup, convenient to replace orChoose more appropriate when different trafficSpecification

  • Cup can be at any timeFolding and bending, easy to insert,VeryFlexible.

  • Careless anthropoacies can easily break the gas density of the sealed, easy to remove from the body.

  • It is ergonomically designed, with a soft curved edge that brings ultimate comfort.

  • It can prevent blood leakage and overflow within a maximum of 12 hours.

  • Reuters can be reused, and then redouble the blood after emptying and re-insert.

how to use

Lexy Jimmyjane how to use a menstrual cup

1 Clean your hands with soap, and flush the moon cup, wash off the cup and any dust and dirt on your hand.

Keep relaxation, because over tension will make the lower body feel pain or make the cups difficult to insert.

3 You can fold the menstrual cup into one of the above forms, then use one hand (downward); simultaneously use the other hand to open the lips, put it in the vagina.

4 Push the cup to the shame direction (non-vertical push) at about 45 degrees, and the cup should open. Please continue to push the cup until you feel comfortable.

5 Pinch the cup of the whole bottom and pull it out, this can break the vacuum environment inside, it is easier to remove. When you open the vagina, make sure the cup is facing up, so as not to go down.

Lexy Jimmyjane's correct position

Lexy small suggestion

  • Please accommodate the cool place to avoid direct exposure, high temperature, and moisture.
  • Rinse the soap bubbles thoroughly before use, because soap has the opportunity to store fungi infection in the vagina.
  • After completing the use menstrual cup, it is recommended to advance with water and Bleach Clean, and then disinfect with high temperature hot water.
  • There is a need to be more possible to kill the virus, the ultraviolet rays of bacteria Toys cleaning machine , Double disinfection, safer hygiene.

Product specifications

Product material: 100% FDA certified silicone

Regular size
Small size
45 mm 43 mm
Cup long
50 mm 40 mm
Total length
65 mm 55 mm
21 ml 14 ml

Products include:

  • Conventional size month
  • Small size menstrual cup
  • Storage bag

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Return Notice

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After ensuring that the returned product complies with the return policy, please submit a return application in the online return center.

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